Types of Casino Bonuses

Casino bonus types

Bonuses could be fun and interesting. They offer you additional opportunities to play some of your favorite games and give you one more reason to keep on playing. Still, it is good to completely familiarize yourself with the rules and restrictions of bonuses before you click the claim button. 

Sign-Up Bonuses

Sign-up bonuses, also known as “No Deposit” bonuses require you to only register and prove your identity, without the need for a deposit.
Getting free stuff is always a lucrative offer, still people tend to say that nothing is free, but the cheese in the mousetrap. There are a few ways this could go on and some of them are not so bad. First example is receiving a number of free spins on a particular slot game.
You open the game, input your bonus code and voila, you get to pull the lever for a few minutes without taking a monetary risk. In some cases though, winnings from such offers may be considered Bonus Funds and will fall under the casino’s policy on Bonus Funds. The second way this offer may go is to directly receive an amount of Bonus Funds.
Accepting this offer will mean that you have to wager the bonus in accordance with the casino’s rules in other to make withdrawals.
Considering that the usual wager rollover ratio is 20 and above, a sum as small as $15 could prove a major hinderance in your play. Due to changes in tax regulations, the “No Deposit” bonuses are becoming less popular with casinos, which has led to a sudden dwindling among the available offers.

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First-Second-Third and so on Deposit Bonuses

If you are unfamiliar with the term “exponential growth” these offers will quickly teach it to you. Usually, a first deposit bonus will be somewhere around 50-200% of the deposited money, capped at a certain sum. This Deposit bonus is paid out in Bonus Funds and must be wagered to the rollover ratio.
Some online casinos would automatically sign you up for the sequential deposit bonuses if you have taken advantage of the first one. This means that the amount of money that must be wagered would grow with each deposit you make and make withdrawals that much less likely. These bonuses are perfect for recreational gamblers, but for anyone who would want to withdraw winnings before their beard has started scratching their knees, it is an option better to be passed.

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Daily-Weekly-Monthly Promotions

These promotions are the bread and butter of the bonus practices. Certain days of the week, weeks of the month, and months of the year are chosen to be your big chance to score some wins. These may relate to depositing a certain amount of money during the chosen timespan, playing certain games, or wagering a set amount of real money.
Tournaments may also be organized, where the players are pit against each other in a race to wager the highest amount of money on a certain game during the extent of the promotion.
All these offers may grant you free spins on slot games, tickets for an inter-casino lottery, or a sum of money paid out in Bonus Funds. With some exceptions, all wins acquired from promotions will be paid out in Bonus Funds, so you should be weary and carefully read the rules before accepting the promotion.